We are a professional team in our sector. We help you to project the apartment of your dream or your home, included all what you have to make with it. We help you to know the world of architecture and constrcution.


The first consultation is always free.

We offer a full range of service.

Architecture and design´s project

  • mass studies, land use studies or existing buildings
  • projects at all stages of processing from proposal to implementation dossiers
  • professional projects
  • quantity survaying
  • interior desing incl. documentation


  • Architect´s supervision
  • Technical supervision of the investitor

project management and building development

  • cooperation with investors to optimize projects
  • tendering

Engineering activities

  • territorial consent
  • construction permit
  • construction changes before completion
  • annoucement of start of construction work
  • consent to use of the building
  • binding views of DOSS and the position of network administrators

Advice on Real Estate Cadastre

  • drafting of proposals for contributions to the CN
  • processing of declarations by the owner or construction contracts

Graphic and architectural works associated

  • photorealistic visualizations
  • marketing and promotional materials
  • presentation